Given 11.8.2020  Scriptures to read:  Isaiah 40




My Little Ones,

As your eyes of understanding begin to open, you will be surprised by the many wondrous things you will see. Some of those things will be easy to take in, while others will be more difficult to bear.  Do not shrink back, beloved.  Be courageous, for I will be right there with you.  You believe in my power.  Now trust in my love.

Throughout the ages, I have watched my children tremble in fear at the ways of the enemy.  I have seen many shrink back in an attempt to avoid the attacks, the rejection, the pain and suffering that a life given over to me will bring.  Until they mature in their love for me and rest in my love for them ~ regardless of the circumstances they encounter ~ they continually find themselves faced with the choice to turn away in fear or lean into my strength with courage. 

Be one who leans in, my beloved one. Lean in.  I can bear your weight.  I can carry your burdens. Do not turn away in fear.  I can and will uphold you with my righteous right hand, so lean into me.  Lean on my love for you.

Remember Moses, my servant.  He was afraid – afraid to speak, afraid to lead, afraid to fail.  But I was with him as he obeyed me.  I was with him when he opened his mouth to speak.  And I was with him when he came to me for every need.  I did not turn away.  I did not reject or chide him.  I was with him in every circumstance.  I knew he needed me, even more than he knew it.  I never failed him.  And I will never fail you.  As you have believed in my power, will you now believe in my love?

Remember Joshua.  When he was given the responsibility I placed on his shoulders to complete the assignment I had given to Moses, I called him to be courageous, to be very courageous.  It was no small task I had given him.  The burden of that responsibility was greater than anything he had ever carried.  It required great confidence in me to be faithful to my word.  My word is always true, and my power is always sufficient to the task.  Joshua had to be filled with courage to endure what he faced.  But I was there to see him through, just as I will be there with you for every moment you need my strength, comfort, and direction.  You also be strong.  You also be courageous, very courageous.  I will not throw you to the wolves, beloved.  I will be with you in the trials.  I will give you all of the strength you will need to accomplish every task and overcome every hardship you face.  Stay with me and I will be right there beside you, watching over you with care.  I will give you the comfort you need as you lean into me. 

Look to me for strength.  Look to me for peace.  Look to me for comfort.  Look to me for wisdom, direction, and hope.  Place your trust in my love, no matter what you see.  Look closer…gaze intently into my holiness, and you will see the beauty of my love as never before.

If you lean into me, you will discover that I have never failed those who trust in me and who keep my commandments.  You will see that I always keep my word.  You will see that no weapon formed against those who have surrendered to me ever prospers.  You will see that my supply of strength, power, wisdom, and courage is endless.  You will see that I cannot be stopped, and I will not be denied the fulfillment of my promises.  You will see that I am always faithful to my word.  You will see that I AM the I AM and I am always alert, always on time and always more than enough for every obstacle you face.

As you ponder my words and read the stories of my power, love, and faithfulness to my children and for my little ones, you see that I have never failed.  I am the GOD who healed and delivered them, fought for, with and alongside of them.  I am the One who made the way as they traveled on their journeys through life. As I said to Joshua that I would be with him just as I had been with Moses, so I now say to you.  Keep my word.  Walk in my ways and I will be with you.

Do not fear the future.  Lean into me and I will take you through, day by day and at times you will see me right there in the circumstances in the moment.  The closer you come to me, the greater your surrender, the clearer your vision will become, beloved.  So, lay aside the doubt.  Trust in my love.  Lean into me and be very courageous. 

Again, I say to you as I have said in the past:  I will be with you always.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  These are my promises to you if you will continue to surrender your life to me.  You will not always understand, and that is as it should be.  You are not the Creator.  I AM.  And I understand it all.  That is as it should be.  You be courageous enough to believe that I will be with you as you follow me.  Be courageous enough to believe that I will always keep my word.  Be courageous enough to know that I love you and have all the provision you will ever need.  Be courageous enough to know that your surrender to me will cause your cup to overflow with the abundance of my love for you, so that you cannot contain it.

You have read of my power.  You have read of my love.  Be courageous, my little ones.  I will see you through.



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