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The LORD loves to talk to His people, even as He loves to hear us talk to Him!  His desire is for a deep, abiding and intimate relationship with each of us - one that is built on obedience and trust in Him.  He says that we show Him our love through obedience (1 John 5:3) and He is gracious in blessing us to have Him as our Teacher, Lover, Friend, Lord, Savior and our GOD!  


He's preparing His bride and calling His bride to be prepared.  We cannot do it without Him!  The words in Revelation 19:7,8 say, "The bride has prepared herself.  She has been permitted to dress in fine (radiant) linen, dazzling and white - for the fine linen is, signifies and represents the righteousness (the upright, just and godly living, deeds and conduct, and right standing with GOD) of the saints (GOD'S holy people)."  Our journey is not complete without His Spirit showing us how to live holy lives in order to be permitted to 'dress in fine radiant linen' for our King!

Because He Is exactly Who He says He Is, He blesses us with the gifts and talents we need to be able to do our part for His kingdom.  He blesses us through the Word of GOD, written and unfolded for and to us by Holy Spirit. He also blesses us by speaking to us in many other ways, if we will only choose to listen!  While nothing replaces the importance of the Bible, neither can anything replace the intimacy of the relationship with Him. We NEED Him!  He knows what we need and is faithful to provide for each of His children according to His word.  (Philippians 4:19)

I pray that you will find something in the words you read on these pages that will strengthen you in your relationship with Yeshua/Jesus and cause you to grow in understanding of His mighty, passionate, profound and glorious love for you!  I invite you to check out some of the posts on my blog, too. You may find something there for you or a loved one and if you do, please go ahead and share it.  We all need encouragement!

The following pages contain words from GOD as well as

words of praise, prayer and testimony. 

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