Need Me Now

In January 2018, the Lord spoke these three words - Need Me Now - to me early one morning and continued to speak it several times over the course of that day.  I felt He wanted me to pray and wait for further revelation which He gave the next day.  When it seemed that the time was right, I sat at the computer and He gave me the following message.  Please prayerfully consider and take these words to heart.  Share them as you are led to do so.  I originally posted them on my blog, but felt impressed that the LORD wants them here, as well.  Blessings to you, dear Beloved!

I heard the LORD say,
"Need Me now."

"Too many of My children have become distracted and are in danger of great deception. There are many who have already succumbed to deception because they have not chosen to stay close to Me and require Me as their greatest need. Many believe they are doing fine, that all is well, when indeed it is not. In My written word I warned my children of great turmoil and disasters to come upon the world in the end times, but many have been lulled to sleep and do not believe there is any cause for concern. Therein lies great deception, but there is yet more to come.

Many have put their hope and confidence in political leaders. They believe things will be alright because of a man or woman in office. That is deception. Men and women are still flesh and blood! They are not Me, and yet many trust in the 'arm of flesh' rather than in Me. I counseled My people about that very thing. Do not put your trust in the arm of flesh, for it will fail. Only put your trust in Me.

Many have been led away through the cares of life. Chasing after bigger and better, more and improved, faster and smarter, they allow themselves to be led away from Me through the lusts of the flesh and the pride of life. Patience is not considered a virtue, but rather an inconvenience. Humility is looked upon as weakness and generosity is thought to be wastefulness. Many are incapable of being satisfied because of the paths they choose or have already chosen. They have not put their trust and confidence in Me. All else will fail. All else will pass away.

There is calamity coming upon the earth, but many refuse to see it. They consider My true prophets to be 'doom and gloom' Sayers. They have itching ears to hear those false prophets, pastors and teachers who say 'all is well', because it satisfies the selfish desires to continue to live and do whatever they please. They do not know they need Me. They do not want to hear that I am not going to let things continue down the path they are going.

The world is going to reel to and fro, just as I said. Many will die because of the days ahead. Many have already died - in their sins - taken unaware because My people have not believed My word nor followed My commands. What I do I do because of My love, but many of My people have forgotten or been deceived and they no longer believe that I am also a GOD of justice and I require and will have a holy people. I will not have a people who think they can live and do and say whatever they please, thinking that I will wink at sin. I did not send My Son to the earth so people could continue to live in sin, unrepentant and staying in rebellion, yet all the while believing that I would turn my head and ignore their evil ways. I will not. I will have a bride who has made herself ready for Me. Read it in Revelation 19:7,8. She will be permitted to wear the wedding garment, which signifies the righteousness, upright, just and godly living, deeds, conduct and right standing with ME. She will be clean because she has shown Me her love by putting her faith in, following and obeying Me.

Many will be offended or scoff at these words. Whether through errors in teaching or pride, many will not receive this word I give today. But those who belong to Me will continually seek My face and inquire of Me for truth. Do not let your candlestick be taken away. I am the Light of the world. I am the Source of your provision, for I am the Creator of all things, the All-Ruler, King of kings and LORD of lords. I am here now, but the days will come when many will seek Me because of the pain and suffering they endure, but will not find Me because they have not forsaken this world and its treasures in search of Me, thinking that they could put off or ignore - or even laugh in the face of GOD - and that I would not see or hear. They have lusted after many things. The days of trouble that are coming will be greater than many have imagined and they will come suddenly. But those who have drawn close to Me and who require Me for their every need will hide in Me, for they hear even now the warning voice of My Spirit that time is coming to a close. They hear and see the sounds of greater war on the horizon as the enemy, Satan and his minions continue to divide, lure and draw away many people through deception, playing on the unrepentant and proud souls of mankind.

Do not be afraid of what is coming. This is not a message of fear. It is a message and a call to repentance and faithfulness to Me. It is a reminder that deception has entered the world in greater measure than ever before and it will continue to increase until many fall away from Me. Don't be caught in the deceptions! Ask Me to open your eyes spiritually. Draw close to Me and listen. Stop chasing after the things of the world and spend time with Me, studying, praying, listening, obeying and fasting, and worship Me with all of your heart. Don't just read about and know the scriptures, rather live the commands I gave you. Don't just let your head be filled with the knowledge of what is contained in the Bible.


Walk beside Me in this world, serving Me by doing what I commanded.  Go into the world, but don't be part of it. Go into it to bring people out of the snares and lusts found in it. See your great need and know that you can do nothing good without Me. You cannot survive without Me. You cannot even breathe without Me. Your heart will not beat without Me. Don't be over-confident in your ability to succeed without Me, for even the heavens and earth will one day be destroyed and replaced. Require Me with all of your heart. Require Me in every circumstance, through every word and deed. See that you are in great need of Me. Need Me now. Need Me now.

I will not fail you and I call you to come back to Me fully. Return to Me, your first Love and stay here. I will care for you and protect you. There will be hard things yet ahead for you to endure, but your peace will be found in Me as you draw close, surrendered to Me and My love for you. Trust My wisdom, child. Know that I am able to do all things that need to be done. I am your Maker and I love you. Again I say to you, need Me now."

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