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Psalms Cast started as a “brain tickle” ... a desire to share God’s Word of love and encouragement found in the book of Psalms with others who are struggling with just surviving the rigors of this life’s journey. The tickle is there because of being so blessed by other Daily Audio Bible reading programs that literally broadcast God’s Word into the airwaves. Lives are changed when the people feast on God’s Word.

So although there is no “studio”, no previous “experience”, and no resources for this project, God relentlessly woke me up on the morning of March 1, 2019 with the push to JUST. DO. IT.

And so I did ... And so that was Day 1 of reading five Psalms each day while recording. The commitment was to read/record fresh each day five new Psalms with the end goal to have read through the Psalms in 30 days.

Instead of reading straight through, I am using the “jump 30” method. The first chapter read is the same as the day of the month. Begin with the Psalm that corresponds with the date*. For example, on the 15th of the month, read Psalm 15. Then, add 30 to that number to allocate the next Psalm. On the 15th, it will be Psalm 45. Continue adding 30 to identify the next Psalm for that day’s reading, until you have read five Psalms. So on the 15th of the month, you will read Psalms 15, 45, 75, 105, and 135.

Reading the Psalms in this way will allow you to deepen your prayer life and gain wisdom that applies to your circumstances. Since the situations you face each month will be unique, you will gain fresh insight from the Scriptures daily as you consider them in light of your current needs and questions.

Psalms Cast is now available on Whooska, ITunes, Google Play, Spotify & Tune-In Radio.  We are also active on most social media platforms to get connected. But we are now super blessed and excited to have Psalms Cast featured here at Meet Him At The Well.  Here you will find the daily broadcast but also resources and links to go deeper with the Lord and we have a page in the forum to go deeper still in communication about the daily readings and resources we share!!!  Check out our forum page here:  https://www.meethimatthewell.com/forum/psalms-cast

--- Denice

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